Photography is a diverse craft

If you have an idea that is not included here please contact me with your idea and we will find a solution.

Over the years I have found many different ways to share my work with the world in a way that has quality, is custom and unique.  I am always researching the best ways to get high quality products to my clients in different creative ways. Bringing my passion for the healing benefits of the natural world into your space is always my goal.  My intention is to always deliver the best image quality on a quality piece of art that will last and be enjoyed for a lifetime in your home, office, studio, clinic, hotel, rental suite, cafe, restaurant or wherever you like to hang art.


All grade A prints are printed on archival premium luster photo paper. Reviewed by myself and a professional for optimal colour and exposure. Metallic, gloss and matte paper are all options. I work alongside custom framers and can help step by step get your print preserved into the best quality custom frame money can buy.

My photos print very well on canvas due to the natural feel and textures in my images. I work with quality printing professionals and all canvas are hand stretched and treated to preserve the material for years to come. A single photo can also be split into 2, 3 or 4 panels creating a creative look for any interior project. As a separate option I offer custom drop in frames made from selectively gathered wood which all has unique wood grains. With a custom canvas frame everyone is truly unique.

Printing on metal is a great way to get a slim sleek piece or art on the wall with vibrant colours that pop. Often the choice for oversize enlargements. Digital printing is at an all time high for quality and it really shows in these amazing metal prints.

Acrylic is my personal favourite. It has a slim sleek finish, roughly a quarter inch thick clear coating over the vivid print.  It is thicker than the metal prints and thinner than the wood mounts. Very professional looking and easy to hang and handle.

The natural warm and strong tones of the wood complement any style of my photography. These are very sturdy and hold a presence. These are a great price point while maintaining a professional look. A very underrated way to display photos that truly deserves some more attention.

Cards, Journals, Posters, Calendars, Pre-Matted Photos
I have a variety of other products that can be ordered for gift shops, art galleries, retail stores and any other ideas requested.  Quality greeting cards, postcards, posters, seasonal calendars and pre matted 5×7, 6×8, 8×10 and 8×12 photos are available upon request.


Diversification is key.  I have rounded out my photography skills to meet the needs of the photography industry as a whole and serve more of a wide variety of clients.

I work on assignment for specific projects that align with my ethics and integrity as a photographer. I love working alongside conservation efforts, reforestation, fishing and wildlife, protecting watersheds, eco and earth friendly projects, organic and biodynamic farming, herbalism and so on.

Digital Files 
I work with professionals who are from out of province and out of country for this reason I have created a system to sell digital files.  In order to purchase a digital file the details of the project will be needed as the files are priced for the resolution needed to execute the printing idea. Please contact me with your ideas and I will work on a quote to match the size of the file you need for your project.

Long Distance Relations 
I work with many people long distance.  With all the amazing online services available it’s easy to achieve a project idea from any distance. If you have an idea there is a way to achieve it.

Stock Images 
I have created a specific way to bring stock images to my clients.  I customize a package of images for small business and companies to use to  help their online presence, social media marketing strategy, website design and promotional material.

I aim to be intentional and work with conscious companies to help them bring their message into the world. I am fully equipped for documenting events and capturing the feel and intention of the health or positive event. If you have a vision with a health product, conservation effort, holistic health center, health retreats, healing spa, organic or biodynamic farm I’m your photographer for this job.  

Product and Book Photography
I have great relations with companies who need professional product photos. I have also had the privilege to work with many talented cooks and health coaches to help them with getting quality images for their self published and publisher assisted books. I’m looking forward to helping more people get photos of their healthy recipes and talents.

Interior Design and Real Estate 
I am fully equipped for interior photoshoots.  I have competitive rates for real estate agents and interior designers and pride myself on having lasting relations. All photos are edited and sent via WeTransfer and or Dropbox within 48hrs in a large resolution folder and resized to fit online web demands.

Social Media, Website Packages 
Professional photos are a very important part of a social media and website strategy.  I have worked with many businesses and companies to help them get a stock of images. These images help capture the true feel and intention and help assist their social media strategy and build attractive looking websites and social media accounts.

Photo Books
I create high quality coffee table photo books of my own images as well as customized books for individual clients.  These are a great way to get our collaboration printed and enjoyed for others to see.

One of the greatest disciplines in photography is photographing weddings.  I specialize in outdoor, natural settings but welcome all kind and styles of weddings. I believe in meeting before the wedding and rehearsing a shot list with the bride groom before hand.  I always backup photos on site, include a custom photo book of the day and encourage and guide my clients to get the photos on print and into the home.

Photography Tours
I offer private and group photography tours in Squamish B.C and other locations around B.C and Vancouver Island. I take clients to the best nature locations.  I am well rehearsed in local wildlife, wild plants and edibles and blend this into the tour to offer a deeper experience.

Private Lessons and Workshops
I offer private basic and advanced digital photography lessons to help people who want to take their digital photography to the next level.  I also do interactive adventure photography workshops that sums up my experience in the field and covers such topics as equipment, packing, backup techniques, workflow, editing and much more.